Starting things off

The beautiful part about living in a big family is you can nominate and vote in another family member to jobs you don’t want to. Bringing the garbage to the dump, my brother was nominated and we voted in to have that as his job for life. The only down side is that when its your name that’s getting nominated and voted on to do something your not quite comfortable doing you have no grounds to say to the rest of the family “No way, Ray!” You just buck up, grin and do it. Hints why I’m writing a blog!

So, here is Blog #1 from the front seat of my welding truck wishing I was at home farming. I’ll be “blogging” about different cattle we’ve seen at shows, sales and in magazines. Different stories from home, one the road and probably some from the pipeline. The good part about being nominated for this is I can talk about whatever I really want, and can make outrageous claims like everybody east of Vancouver doesn’t like the Canucks!

David Schneider  РNorthline Angus