Red Northline GFA Crush 16b


An elite bull from our breeding program, Crush 16b is proving to be a bull well suited to improve any breeding program.  Selected as the Grand Champion bull at Farmfair International (2015), Fort Worth Stock Show (2016) and Houston Stock Show (2016) he is quickly becoming a breed leader even for his young age. Seeing our first calf crop off this bull it is apparent that he is such a complete bull that he can be used on a wide range of cows to better the herd, regardless of the type and style.

»  Crush has excellent feet, an essential for quality cattle, which will improve the health and longevity of your herd.

»  He will add performance genetics to your herd, improving your overall profitability by contributing to a quicker rate of gain.

»  Crush’s excellent hip structure and natural muscle sets a standard and will enhance your end product.

»  Crush has a great disposition that improves safety when handling

»  Our insistence on great feet in our breeding program will translate into your herd with Crush, improving your herd with your first calf crop

»  Crush’s first calves have been born unassisted on heifers which reflects his 78 lb birth weight and 1.1 EPD

»  His excellent hair coat with its deep cherry red colour has caught the eye of many cattle people from all breeds


Crush is an honest bull that will add something to any herd regardless of the breed.  We feel that he is one of the most complete Red Angus bulls Northline has ever raised and follows in the footsteps of breed changers like Northline Fat Tony and Northline Rob Roy.

A limited offer of 10 US semen packages packages are available for $2,000 USD for 20 straws.  Review his EPD’s and pedigree at the Canadian Angus Association or the Red Angus Association of America. To purchase or for more information contact 

»  Howard Schneider at 780-977-0023 or email

»  David Schneider at 780-619-1480  

»  John B. Collier IV at 817-832-5838

»  Cole Goad at 780-853-0273

Crush is a partnership between Collier Diamond C Ranch and Goad Family Angus.

Located close to Stephenville, Texas, Diamond C Ranch is celebrating 77 years of excellence in the ranching business. They have a rich heritage that looks towards the industry’s future. Committed to excellence they breed high performing cattle and focus on providing the best quality genetics for their customers.  To learn more find them on Collier Diamond C Ranch Facebook or at their Collier Diamond C Ranch website.

Located in Clandonald, Alberta, Goad Family Angus is a fourth generation family run farm.  The farm raises purebred Red Angus cattle and a commercial herd.   To learn more connect with Goad Family Angus on Facebook.